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Darkness has fallen across the galaxy of Athenia. A prophet has turned from his purpose, and the god-suns who tried to stop him succumbed to corruption and in-fighting. Now Vargon, an unchained demon made by a fallen god, rules with an iron fist and an army of elite warriors.

One hope remains. A desperate plan to save the galaxy from ruin.

At the prestigious Luthin Military Academy, four young soldiers find themselves drawn to each other. Lucas, a genius inventor. Jex, the best shot on the planet. Salara, an ace pilot. And Lorix, born with the impossible ability to create and control pulse energy—and the potential to achieve unlimited power.

More than chance has brought them together. The fate of Athenia is in their hands, and Vargon will stop at nothing to destroy them.

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My Story

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Welcome to my site and thank you for visiting!

Like most kids that grew up in the 80's I too was fascinated with the He-Man's, Thundercat's and Transformers of that era. Those shows shaped my childhood as well as many other pop culture movies and TV shows of the 80's. As an adult I always find my inspiration when watching Japanese anime or a well written/produced fantasy movie. When I'm home, I try to write whenever I get free time which does not come in abundance because of family life and work commitments.

I began writing back in 2003, this was when I gave up on my attempt to illustrate my story as a comic book series. I've always considered myself a good artist but not good enough to illustrate to industry standards. After taking a writing course I began the first draft of God's of Athenia back in October 2003. During this time I worked at a Sainsbury’s supermarket and would write all my idea's on till roll. When my shift was over my pockets were always stuffed with till roll paper. From 2003 to 2019 I had completely re-written the first manuscript of the series four times.


As a person I am a massive Lord of the Rings fan Trilogy and I think they are the greatest movies ever made. I am also a fan of the Matrix trilogy, Original Star Wars Trilogy, the My Hero Academia/Dragonball Z series and most 80's pop culture. For the last few years I've preferred Manga & Anime over anything produced today outside of Japan because I find the work of the Japanese not only both inspiring and exciting but their story telling qualities are incredible.

Gods of Athenia: Book of Souls, is the first of a 4 book story Ark. I have finished the second instalment and I have been writing the third instalment since 2020 and I would like to say that I'm making good progress. As a Japanese comic book fan I am also hoping to one day have this story professionally illustrated in graphic novel form, well that's the dream.

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